We cater to the requirements of raw forgings to the automotive industry , through closed die forging.We make forgings under alloy steel, carbon steel , stainless steel , etc. and the weight of each one can be ranging from  500 gms to 50 Kgs per piece.   We produce all types of round and shaft type components .All the dies for manufacturing the forgings are made in-house and we  also have the facilities of metallurgical lab inspection at our end.  In our lab, we have the best equipment facilities of spectroanalyser, hardness tester, etc.

We have various type of hammers ranging from 1 Ton to 10 Ton.  Our forging press capacity is from 1000 to 2000 ton.  As far as heat treatment is concerned , we have ISO thermal annealing, normalizing , hardening and tempering.  Our extensive collection of machined parts include a vast number of forgings which range from small and critical parts to structural components and more.

Our clientle include almost all the major aftermarket dealers from various South east asia, Africa and Latin American countries.